A True Finish It Up Friday

Because I actually finished hand stitching the binding this morning and now my Swoon table topper is done! I have the tree quilt done but decided to wait to share that until after it is gifted.   These photos look a bit different on my phone than on my computer monitor. I hope you are seeing the colors accurately!
  They are definitely off in this picture but it does show the quilting texture. The star is a barn red, NOT magenta! I played with making mug rugs yesterday afternoon and quilted those at the same time as the Swoon quilt.
  I thought this would be my least favorite but it is my most favorite.

This same backing fabric is on all the mug rugs and the table topper.
  These didn’t get bound yet. I clearly need to work on my binding technique for these little things.  For example:
  Yuck! This one won’t be gifted and is likely destined to be cut apart. This is the back of the table top quilt.  And on my phone at least, this picture showed the most true colors.

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I finished quilting my Downton quilt yesterday. Last night I should have been working on the binding, but did I? Oh no! I saw this pile of goodies on my work table and decided to play instead.

I was thinking I would make an improv table runner…..then I thought about how I wanted to try out a Swoon block…. Hubby had a phone meeting for work so I cut and pieced this.

This is 24 inches square. It would be a good size for a table top quilt, though not rectangular like a runner. I’m going to leave it up on the design wall for a few days and think about it.

And I might make some mug rugs with my scraps.

What are you working on today?

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WIP Wednesday

Are you tired of Downton yet? It is finally on the frame and quilting has commenced! Pretty much everyone was in agreement that the large blue floral was the right border choice. I couldn’t agree more!

I have no idea what line that border fabric is from. I bought it last summer as SAS Fabrics in Phoenix. I’m not normally s floral person, but I really love this and I think it goes well with the Downton fabrics.  Since this top is so busy, I decided to quilt this with a pantograph called Ground Cover.

It is a tight pattern so it takes a while to stitch, but the results are worth it. I love the texture.

Just for fun, here is a shot taken beneath the frame.

The color is completely off in this photo; it is more of a taupe color. I picked up a duvet cover in the clearance bin at IKEA a while back which yielded two nice pieces of polished cotton that is perfect for quilt backs.  This is one of them.

I hope you are having a lovely week!

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More Downton and Dinos

Yesterday I finally started working on Baby E’s baby quilt.

He looks like a friendly little dinosaur! I’m using hand dyed fabrics for the body and they are embroidered/appliquéd on my embroidery machine with an embroidery package from Embroidery Library. Here’s a quick look at how I do this (which may be all wrong, but it worked!). First I layer my stabilizer, background fabric, and the appliqué fabric in the hoop. The first embroidery step is just an outline.

After carefully trimming away the extra fabric, I put the hoop back on the machine and embroider the rest. Here is this block finished.

These are not quick to do and the machine requires baby sitting. It took nearly all day to do these 8 blocks.

Of course, I also did some housework and worked on my Dowton quilt. I had to do something between thread changes! And so I was able to get these blocks together.

 And now I am thinking about borders.

When I queried this on Instagram yesterday, people were about evenly split between adding a border or just a binding. However, it was pretty unanimous that it should be blue! I tend to agree. Come back tomorrow to see what I will choose!

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Design Wall Monday

I mentioned the other day that I was wanting to get my Downton Abbey quilt finished up this month. I have 20 of 30 blocks done. Here it is back up on the design wall.

I decided to go through my pieces and make sure I had enough for the last 10 blocks and also to make sure the last few would not have all the same fabrics in them. So I matched them up and finished the four patches. This is no longer a leader/ender project, I want this one done. I plan to get as much done on this today as I can.

I really love the Downton Abbey “Downstairs” collection. They are all shirting type prints. I am thinking I would like a border on this quilt, but I don’t want to buy anything so I am going to look today and see if I can find anything in the stash that might work.

I finished the binding on the tree quilt yesterday. I’m hoping the weather will cooperate to get some good pictures this week.

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Slow Stitching Sunday

I spent most of the day Friday quilting the tree quilt for my sister.

 I found a great tutorial for topography quilting over at Tia Curtis Quilts. It was really fun and fairly quick to do. The tree part was not quick to do. Here is a sneak peek:

 But it is done and my slow stitching for today is to finish this binding.

 I won’t show any more of this until it is finished. I will be taking it to my sister the end of this month when I go home to help my mom after her knee replacement.

Happy stitching!


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Dyeing for Dinosaurs

In only 9 weeks, Little E’s brother will arrive. It’s time for this Nana to get busy! Daughter #1 bought these prints on Etsy to set the theme for the baby room. You can view the listing here.IMG_4765

She bought a plain white crib skirt and asked me to dye it to match these prints. I will also make a baby quilt with hand dyed fabrics.

So yesterday, I hauled out my dyeing supplies and rolled up my sleeves. I haven’t done any of this in the last couple years but it really is fun. I should have done this before the weather cooled off. Anyway, I stirred up my eyes and soda ash solutions and mixed my potions. 

 I use Procion dyes from Dharma Trading Company. They are fiber reactive dyes so you have to use soda ash as well.  Sometimes, I add soda ash solution to the dye bath but this time, I soaked the fabric in the soda ash solution first. The colors I used were Mink Brown, Deep Orange, and Oxblood Red. I mix these colors until it looks about right to me. Then dump the dye on the wet fabric and knead it a bit. I was in a hurry and really spent as little time as possible on this batch. I let it sit until I got home from work before I started rinsing and washing.  Normally, I buy Kona PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric to do this. I really only needed to dye the crib skirt. But I had that whole bolt of Ditta on hand from Ikea so I thought I’d try a yard to see how it took the dye. Most fabrics have a permanent press finish that prevents the dye from adhering. Normally when I dye, I do at least 15 yards to make it worth the mess.

Here is how the crib skirt and fabric turned out: 

 I am pretty happy with how the Ikea fabric took the dye. Since I have nearly a whole bolt of it, I may just do some more. These bits could put me in the mood for a little fall project….. But I think I need some more greens…. This next one is my least favorite, I kind of dumped all my leftover dyes on this one!      

I think I have hand dyed fabrics in all the other colors I will need for the quilt. I have purchased some designs for my embroidery machine  to appliqué some dinosaurs on that. This will be a first for me. I am a total rookie with machine embroidery.

Happy Saturday! I hope your day is colorful!

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