Fresh Sewing Day

March 1st is here already! Time to review those monthly goals. This is what I wanted to accomplish in February:

1. I would like to quilt 3 QOVs. I have 9 tops currently at my house to be quilted. Done! in fact, I got all 9 quilted and returned before leaving on my trip.

2. I would like to finish the Metropolitan Fair Churn Dash quilt. Not done.

3. I want to get my Goose in the Pond swap blocks finished for my local guild. Not even started.

4. I would like to make 12 more sawtooth star blocks. Done! I actually finished 15.

5. I would like to complete the February SQT challenge quilt.Not done. However, I did finish my tiny tumbler quilt so I am happy with that. The SQT challenge this month was actually for a tote bag and while it was a great pattern, I don’t need another bag!

I also completed a little doggie quilt and got started on the quilting of my vintage 30s Carpenter Star Quilt.

So all in, not a bad month for sewing. Here are a few of my favorite sewing finishes for the month.

The tiny tumbler is my favorite! And some of you asked the size. The tumblers finish at 1 1/4 inch high!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip so long that I haven’t thought much about March. But here is a short list of things I want to get done.

1. Goose in the Pond swap blocks have to be at the top of the list.

2. Finish quilting the Carpenters Star quilt.

3. 12 more Sawtooth Star blocks. 

4. SQT challenge.

I’ll call that good for now. Getting back late tomorrow night means I will be playing catchup at home for the first week of March anyway!

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Finish It Up Friday

I finished the binding and took a few photos  of this tiny tumbler quilt just before getting on the plane last week. I love how it turned out!

Since I had the big 30s Carpenter Star quilt loaded on the frame, I quilted this on my domestic machine. Boy, am I out of practice! 

A sweet friend cut these tumblers from her stash and sent them to me. She also sent me this lovely print that I used for the border!  I am keeping this little quilt.

Here is a shot at the back.

Looking forward to another lovely day here in Arizona! My time here is flying by all too fast. Happy Friday, everyone!

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A Note About Pinterest

Good Morning! Don’t you love pinning things on Pinterest? I do. It is so fun to pour your coffee and have a look to see what new ideas are out there. I allow pinning from my blog. I like to share quilting ideas. I prefer it if people give credit though or refer them back here. 

However, I occasionally post pics with family members in them. I DO NOT want those to be repinned. Ever. Please delete any pins with people in them that you may have pinned from my blog.  Please, right away before someone else repins them. 

Thank you!

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WIP Wednesday

Good Morning! I am having a great time here in Arizona with my kids and Baby L. I have had a few days with him all to myself while his mommy and daddy were working. Yesterday during nap time, I sewed a bit.

I got four more sawtooth stars done. Here is one.

I’ve also hemmed three pair of curtains for Daughter #2 since I have been here. That is the real reason I brought the machine. I’m going to leave this one at her house so she can use it and I will have it when I come.

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Graffitti Heart and Doggy Quilt

My daughter loved the Grafitti Heart Quilt I made for her!

And the grand dog loved hers as well.




You can find the post regarding this finish here.

Have a great day!

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I made it!

This was my view as I flew into Phoenix Friday night.

It was the first time I have gotten here so late. I missed seeing the mountains but the lights were a welcome sight too. One step closer to seeing my kids!

This was the first time I flew with a sewing machine. Yes, Terri, I really did! But not just for quilting, I plan to help Daughter #2 to make curtains for her new house. I might have brought along a wee bit of piecing as well….. Anyway, someone asked about the case I used. Here it is, the original case that came with it.

I used that luggage strap as a safety measure. I was afraid I would have to check it on my first flight as it was a small commuter plane. I talked to the gal at the gate and told her I’d rather not. She said it would fit under the seat and to keep it with me. I did the same on the next flight. They did an extra scan of it in security but I told them what it was and it all went quite smoothly.

Saturday was the 1st Birthday party for sweet Baby L. He really enjoyed his cake!



I love all of your comments but likely will not take the time to respond individually as I normally do this week. If you have questions, I will try to answer them in the next blog post. I leave you all with a photo of something I have been missing. This is what is known as blue sky.


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Finish it Up Friday

I have one small finish for the week. A quilt for the grand dog.

I used a minky type of fabric on the back and no batting.

I just trimmed the backing and folded it over to make the binding. It was a great chance to try this out.

Now I am trying to finish packing and last minute to dos. Like packing this in my carry on bag.


This is the weather I woke up to here this morning:


Yeah, I am so ready!

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