Needle and Thread Thursday

I finished my blocks yesterday.


Not my best work but nearing completion. I am looking for quilting ideas for it. I hope to get the blocks together after work today. And I need to decide on a border.

However, I have a new distraction that looks like a whole lot of fun! My friend dropped this off yesterday for me to quilt.

It is a big maze quilt and just gorgeous. I have lots of time to get this done but I can’t wait to start it!

I blocked the Dream quilt yesterday.

The ruffled edges are better but I am still not happy with the binding. I am thinking about cutting it off and adding a facing. Have to think about that.

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WIP Wednesday

I got my three blocks done yesterday for a total of 6.

And I remembered why I don’t like following patterns, I get bored! Seriously, I had to force myself to finish these three. I like the quilt, I don’t love it. I am looking forward to quilting it. Three more blocks…

Daughter #3 picked up some fun vintage fabrics for me at an estate sale last week.



Aren’t they fun? She also picked up this small vintage quilt for the princely sum of $3.00! What a deal! I love the Baptist fan quilting.


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Reality Check

So I thought I could clean the pantry, do laundry, and make 9 quilt blocks.

Didn’t happen. I realized I hadn’t cut enough pieces on Sunday so that set me back as well as my cleaning. I got three done.

I hope to get three more done today before work.

Saturday I went to a local antique fest and found these bits of vintage fabric for a dollar!

I think I will use these in my SQT challenge for July.

Someone asked about using my thread cone holder with my Featherweight. I hope these pictures will help!



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Design Wall Monday

I felt in need of some mindless sewing this weekend. So I did something I never do, I started making a quilt from a book. Like actually reading and following the pattern. I’m kind of a math nerd and I enjoy figuring out patterns and how to make stuff from just a picture so this is definitely out of my norm.

It required trimming, which I do not like. However, it was kind of nice to just follow the instructions and not have to think. Here is the block I am making.

It is huge at 24″. This quilt is from this book:

The pattern is:

And I am making this variation:

I’ve had a layer cake of 30′s style prints from Connecting Threads sitting around for ages and they are perfect for this quilt.




I have to clean out our pantry today which is a huge job, but then I hope to get the blocks for this done. It should be doable since there are only 9 blocks in the quilt and I have most of the parts together.

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Finish it up Friday!

I finished my Dream quilt! It was a great practice quilt and this one is for me. Good thing. It has a few issues! For one thing, I need to block this one. The dense quilting has made it a bit wonky. It was washed and dried in the dryer. So here are the pics.

I took a bunch of pics trying to figure out how to get the quilting to show best.





And some detail shots:








It doesn’t look too bad from a distance but up close I see problems. A loop of thread here and there:

Points that are not so pretty on the back.

And of course the wavy edges are the worst but again, I am hoping blocking will take care of that.

At least Baby E seems to approve!


I used Warm and White batting and Glide thread in Cool Grey for the quilting.

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Long Arm Tip

A while back, a quilter in Instagram posted a ling arm quilting tip about using skateboard tape as a gripper for her long arm templates and rulers. It was before the flood and I cannot remember now who suggested this. I have tried a number of things to help with rulers slipping and thought I would try this as well. I am SO glad I did! This is what it looks like:


This stuff is like a heavy sandpaper on one side and self adhesive on the back. I bought it on Amazon. It was around $8 for a 9″ x 34″ piece. It can but cut with scissors.

I cut small bits and put them on the back of a longer ruler like this:

What a difference this makes! I have seen sandpaper ruler grips marketed for quilters before but nothing that worked this well. I have a Fine Line Continuous Curve ruler I bought a while back and never had much success with it. It came with a strip of Velcro hook tape on the back to keep it from moving. This was thick and for me, only caused the ruler to rock. I took off the Velcro and added bits of the Mob Grip and now it works perfectly! I have enough that I will probably never need to order any more. Hope this is helpful for you!

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Work in Progress Wednesday

I have been practicing quilting with my microhandles this week. It takes a long time to quilt a quilt this heavily but I think it will be worth it! I hate practicing on something that will just be thrown out and I already had this top loaded before we left town. So I went right to the quilt!

I am using a ruler to divide the space and then choosing a different filler for each section.




In one area, I wanted to include text. So I printed the text onto tracing paper and pinned it to the quilt.

I stitched through the paper around each letter and then tore the paper away.


This should not have been my first stitching with the micro handles! Did I tell you how impatient I am?!? Next I filled in the background. Not real happy with how this turned out.

This quilt is for me so practice, not perfection, is the name of the game here. I hope to finish this week. A few thunderstorms and the day job have hindered my progress!

I have been sharing some in process shots this week on Instagram. You can follow me there. Just look for “katyquilts”.

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