Work in Progress Wednesday

I am back to working on that QOV. The majority of you said to go with the Starstruck panto to quilt it. And I was all ready to do so.

Except I just couldn’t make myself start it.

It would have been easy. And done by now.

But, I knew this top would look better with even a simple custom job. And while in the shower on Monday, it all came to me.


Even simple ruler work takes a long time. But this compliments the top instead of just holding it together. It is also good practice since I haven’t done anything with rulers and templates for a while.

I read in my devotions this morning, that the right thing is often not the easy thing. And that goes in quilting as well as other areas of life.


If you are looking for a lovely online community to share devotions with, I highly recommend She Reads Truth..

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Border Options

I finished my little 4 patches yesterday and put them all together.


Now I need to decide on a border. Below you can see pictures of some of the fabrics I auditioned.





I am leaning toward the second or last option. I would like to get it bordered and ready for quilting before work today.

Last July, when Mr. Wonderful and I visited his parents in Missouri, my sweet MIL and I visited a few quilt shops. At one, I bought a kit for a quilt. I brought it home and cut out all the pieces and sent it to her. She got it all pieced this past weekend.

Isn’t it beautiful? She did such a fabulous job! I can’t wait to quilt this for her. I love you, Mama Mim!

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Design Wall Monday

It was a busy weekend around here with as much family time as we could pack in. I did stitch a few more 4 patches though.

And I am happy to share with you that Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts has written a post about the quilt she made that inspired mine. You can see it here.

I also finished my pumpkin seed blocks this weekend (cue the Hallelujah chorus)!

These will be set aside for a while. I intend to use them in a medallion quilt at some point. Said medallion quilt has not been designed yet! I just know that once I start, I am not going to want to take a 3 month break to appliqué blocks!

I also got a wee bit farther on the sock I started on the way to Arizona. (Yes, that is sock, as in singular.)

I got half the heel done. I am a very slow knitter. And once I start feeling it in my wrist. I quit working. I hope to get this pair done by Christmas!

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Slow Stitching Sunday

This is what I am slow stitching this weekend.

I put all my supplies in one of my vintage enamel pans so everything is handy while watching movies with the fam.

I will finish the last of my pumpkin seed blocks!

I also got a tiny start on a new project. I was inspired by a post by Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts on Instagram. She posted a picture of a 4 patch quilt with tiny 1 inch squares. I love little scrappy quilts and couldn’t wait to start my own version. She kindly sent me pictures of hers. Between family and work yesterday, I didn’t have lots of time to spend on this but I did get a few blocks made.

I love playing in my scraps!

I am using this die for my studio cutter to cut all my little squares.


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Quilting Design

Thanks for all the comment regarding the panto choice for my QOV. Most of you preferred the Starstuck panto. I liked both. However, I decided to wait a few days and play around a bit with some ideas for a custom job. I used an app for my iPad called Adobe Ideas. It allows you to import a picture and then draw on top of it. As you will see, I am not good at drawing with my finger (not good with a pencil either!). Here are some screen shots:IMG_0695-0.PNG






I have too much going on this weekend to focus on actually quilting this but I hope to get some more time to play with the app. This is the first time I have actually used it since downloading it but I think it could be really handy for this.

What do you all use for designing the quilting for your quilts?

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Finish it up Friday

I finally finished the QOV top that I have been working on.

I don’t know why I have been dragging my heels for so long on putting the borders on. Anyone else hate doing borders? Maybe it was because I not in love with the border fabric. It is the best piece I have in the stash for this and I was determined not to go out and buy anything. I have done enough fabric shopping this summer! Now it is in the frame and ready to quilt.

I just have to decide how. I originally planned to do some custom quilting but I am very tempted to finish it up with a panto and call it good. These are the two options I am considering.




Any thoughts?

I need to cut charms today for a swap I am in with the SQT group.

Two sets of lights and two sets of darks.

I have missed spending time in my sewing room; but, I have felt so tired this week, I just haven’t done much. I would just love to get up in the morning and have a whole day to sew. I don’t see that happening in the near future. But one can always dream!

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Never forget…


I created this quilt in the days following 9/11. In the red stripes, I quilted the following verse:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

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